Alinda Grey

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Block negative energy out of your life with the Alinda Grey bracelet featuring 6mm imperfect Labradorite stones.

Life can often take a lot of energy away from us because we are constantly surrounded by others. On top of that, we often have to deal with certain stimuli that demand a lot of energy from us. The Labradorite has a protective effect over our energy field. This stone blocks negative influences from your environment and from people who take away your energy. This ensures that you can safely and in peace and quiet return to the here and now.

The Labradorite restores confidence in yourself and others. In situations where you experience fear, it reduces these feelings and turns them into strength and perseverance.

The Labradorite is a stone that is often linked to highly sensitive or high-sensitive people.

On the Canadian peninsula Labrador, this stone was first found. This is where it got its name.

Are you someone who experiences many stimuli? Or do you know someone who could use some positive energy? Then this grey Labradorite stone is exactly what you need.

1. Measure the circumference of your wrist

2. Add 1 centimeter

3. Select your size


16 cm

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17 cm

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18 cm

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