Themis Combo


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Stand tall, face any challenge and be guided by what is right with the Themis combo. The combination of the Chania Grey, made of grey Labradorite stones, and the Nea Berry, made of purple Aventurine, creates a beautiful and feminine look that gives every outfit the right finishing touch.

Labradorite and Purple Aventurine are two powerful stones that complete each other perfectly. Labradorite reduces the irritations we are confronted with on a daily basis in our environment, which can sometimes drain our energy. It recharges your mental batteries while the Purple Aventurine complements these qualities by giving you the extra power you need to persevere, to chase your dreams and to be your authentic self.

In Greek mythology, Themis was a Titanide who represented order and justice. A powerful goddess who knew what she wanted and who let her soul speak for itself, which is why the Themis combo is the ideal combo for power women who know what they want and who like to strive for it in a pleasant way.