Thálassa Combo


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Let the ocean waves take you away and come to rest with a gentle ocean breeze that will make you feel zen again. The Thálassa combo includes two quality bracelets made from the Blue Aventurine stone.

The Blue Aventurine stone allows you to transform negative feelings into positive energy more easily. It also keeps your emotions in balance and gives you the strength to unlearn bad habits and open your heart to new possibilities.

The Alinda Ocean bracelet is made of 6mm imperfect Blue Aventurine stones while in the Attica Blue you can find a custom-made rough natural stone. Together, they ensure that you can shine in all your glory.

Thálassa is the Greek word for sea so it goes without saying that this combo will make you shine like a goddess of the sea. Or do you know someone who sometimes struggles to find balance in her life? Then let this combo be the ideal match.