Khoros Combo


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Sit back, clear your head and completely relax with the Khoros Combo. This stylish combo is a combination of the Attica Green, featuring a tailor-made Green Aventurine stone and the Alinda 3Colours, made with 6mm imperfect stones consisting of 3 different shades of Amazonite. This powerful combination of 2 quality bracelets ensures that you can add the perfect finshing touch to any outfit.

 The Green Aventurine stone and the Amazonite are two stones that support each other perfectly. The Green Aventurine Stone is associated with happiness and letting go of old patterns, habits and disappointments. This allows the growth within to take place. Here, the Amazonite provides you with optimism, hope and authenticity. It also awakens the inner child in you and reminds you to take the time and space for fun, joy and laughter in your daily life.

 In Ancient Greek, the colour Green was also called Khoros. This powerful combo of shades of Green allows you to enjoy the little innocent things in life.