Alinda Turquoise

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Sit back and relax with this beautiful 6mm Alinda 3Colours bracelet with Amazonite, also known as the Soothing Stone.

Amazonite encourages you to loosen your grip on life and allow it to flow like the Amazon river for which it is named. It illuminates childlike energy within you to inspire optimism, hope and authenticity. Wearing the Amazonite stone awakens your inner child, reminding you to take the time and space for fun, joy and play in your everyday life.

In ancient Egypt, the famous gold mask of Pharaoh Tutankhamen was decorated with Amazonite, combined with Lapis Lazuli, bringing the dazzling greenish blue color of tropical waters to the sacred pyramids.

Hold tight to the Amazonite crystal during times of stress and call on its ultra-chill vibes for a much needed float down your inner river of tranquility…

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